Serdar Plastik is one of the leading firms in the plastic packaging industry that took ISO9000 quality certification from TSE in 1996. Since 1996, we have been applying wall thickness, top load, drop test, ESCR test, colour tests, etc. at our labaratory. 


  • Follow the technological developments and use them to increase our efficiency. 
  • Provide work shops, seminars and activities to increase employee satisfaction and qualification.
  • Meeting our customer needs and expectations by the right analysis and understanding.
  • Ensuring participation of all employees by adopting QUALITY as a life style. 
  • Applying precautions to prohibit waste at all our processes. 
  • We commit to improve all our processes by the activities and the work done with respect to the national and global legislations, and standards which will also satisfy our stakeholders.


Our Food Safety Policy depends on the principle we never give up about our high level of customer satisfaction in the food packaging sector, which we are active in, we keep customer needs and expectations in the forefront; 

  • To manufacture our products hygienically and in good quality,
  • Always being a reliable company,
  • To comply with the relevant regulations on Food Safety,
  • To prepare and implement periodic training plans to increase the awareness of Food Safety of our employees and thus to enable them contribute to continuous improvement activities by becoming a model company in the sector