Serdar Plastik History


1985 : SERDAR PLASTIK is established. It started to produce blow-molding, polyethylene packages with the semi-automatic machines in its factory in Kartal-Istanbul

1992 : The quality control laboratory is established where all the tests (Top Load,ESCR, Electronic Thickness Measurement,Sinking etc) that can be applied to a blow-molding package can be realized. The bottles are started to be labeled by the automatic machines.

1996 : It certificated its quality system with TS EN ISO 9002 certificate. In addition to this , it ed the entire of its production line to full automatic, computerized machines. All of the bottles are started to be produced automatically and started to pass from 100% leak test.

1997 : It started to produce packages for the biggest lube oil procuders of Turkey and in addition this, Coex products are started ti be exported.

1998 : It moved to its own factory with 6500 m2 of covered area in the Industrial Zone of Istanbul Tuzla chemical Industrialists. This building and its infrastructure is especially biilt for a "blow-molding" factory. In addition to the polyethylene and Coex bottles, polyethylene bottle production has started. In addition to the lube oil producers, it started to manufacture for the pioneering firms of the detergent market.

2003 : Serdar Plastik has recieved the TS EN ISO 9001:2000 certificate.

2005 : It increased its Coex bottle and other polyethylene bottle production for 40%. In Addition to this, it started to produce Coex bottles with 3 layered decoration characteristics for lube oil packages.

2008 : We added market-leading detergent manufacturers in our customer portfolio

2009 : We have enriched our production area with the newest technology machines available.

2010 : We have started producing 6 layer Coex bottles for food (Ketchup / Mayonnaise) by opening our Susurluk factory.

2011 : We began to produce in-house packaging with one of the market leader detergent manufacturer.

2012 : We have enlarged our sales team, attended to fairs within Turkey and Middle East.

2013: Bought a CNC machine and started to make out own moulds.

2014: 2 more inhouse facilities are agreed and started.

2015: Started injection moulding production of caps, dosing caps, technical parts and IML buckets.

2016: New agreements are signed with new customers on food industry. Especially our pathented new IML Bucket has helped at this increase. 

2017: We have attended Interpack(Germany) exhibition held every 3 years. We have increased our export sales %100 within itself. 

2018: We have also attended Africa Food Manufacturing(Egypt), Rosupack(Russia) and Growtech(Turkey) exhibitions in addition to our biggest exhibition Euroasia Packaging Exhibition in Turkey. We have also started to work on a new pathented project for food industry. 

2019: We have expanded both of our sales within Turkey and abroad. We have also introduced our new multilayer packages suitable for pastorization to the food market. Beside our Euraisia packaging exhibition, we have also attended sectoral exhibitions such as Gulf Foof Manufacturing in Dubai and Growtech in Antalya.