Cosmetic Product Packaging and Models
Cosmetic products are an important part of daily life. They offer wide opportunities in personal cleaning and care. Therefore, the delivery of cosmetic products to the end user is as important as their manufacture. This is where packaging comes into play. The packaging types and designs of cosmetic products must be suitable for transportation and storage.

Serdar Plastic carefully prepares cosmetic bottle packaging. It acts in accordance with the brand value of its customers, the product they market and their demands. Thus, the cosmetic plastic bottle is ready to be put on the market by filling it and printing a label on it. As a company, you do not need to think about any other details.

Shampoo Bottle
Cosmetic packaging produced by Serdar Plastic is mostly used for shampoos. The product, which is offered for sale under the name of plastic shampoo bottle, has a slim waisted design. The mouth of the bottle is narrow. It widens from the neck to the body and narrows slightly downwards. The bottle, which expands again towards the base, is an ergonomic model that is easy to grasp. Additionally, since a fluid product will be placed inside, the softness of the bottle is suitable for compression. It is not so hard that it becomes unusable or so soft that it causes deformation.

The diameter of the shampoo bottle is 59.8 mm, the length is 254.3 mm and the depth is 95 mm. 31.3 cm of the length measurement belongs to the mouth part. In this section, there is the main mouth that opens by turning and the lid that clicks to be preferred during use. With these dimensions, the bottle has a volume of 700 ml. Since its color is white, labels can be applied easily.

Features of Cosmetic Packaging
The features of cosmetic product packaging include the elements that determine their quality. Serdar Plastic also carefully produces cosmetic packaging with ideal features. You can find some of the features of these packages in the list below.

Protection: The first duty of the packaging is to protect the product inside. Packaging protects cosmetic products against external factors such as air, light and moisture. It prevents these products from spoiling.
Chemical compatibility: Cosmetic products contain chemicals. The packaging also contains chemicals. Thanks to Serdar Plastic's quality production, it does not react with chemicals inside or outside. In this way, the contents of the products are not spoiled and negative reactions are not observed.
Safety and hygiene: Packaging helps keep cosmetic products in safe and hygienic conditions. With its leak-proof properties, it does not cause problems during transportation and storage.
Functionality: Thanks to the flexible design of the packaging, it is very easy to use and squeeze. It is easy to grasp, does not weigh down the hand and allows the consumption of all the product inside.
Aesthetics: Serdar Plastic's packaging brings elegance. It makes it easier to stand out from your competitors by drawing attention on the product shelf.
Sustainability: Serdar Plastic has a vision of sustainability as well as quality production. It allocates a large place to recycling in both its raw materials and its production process.
It is possible to list the features of packaging used for cosmetic products in general as follows. Thanks to these features, you can get the efficiency you are looking for from the cosmetic bottle. However, different features of the bottle, such as its raw material, should also be taken into consideration.

Which Packaging Should Be Preferred for Which Types of Cosmetic Products?
Cosmetic packaging materials may vary depending on the product type. For example, tubes and pump caps are mostly preferred for lotions and creams. Spray bottles are used for fragrance products. Make-up products can be filled in many different packages, from tubes to boxes, bottles to tiny jars. Products such as shampoo and conditioner are sold in plastic bottles.

Serdar Plastic's shampoo bottle is made of HDPE. So, high density polyethylene is used in the manufacturing of these bottles. This material is a thermoplastic obtained by polymerization of ethylene gas. Thanks to its high heat resistance, it maintains its flexibility even at low temperatures. Since it is flexible, it is extremely resistant to impacts. Despite this durability, it is quite light. Low water absorption capacity also protects the material from other external factors. Since it is resistant to chemicals, it can easily come into contact with many different substances.

All these features make Serdar Plastic cosmetic product packaging ideal for shampoos and conditioners. It offers confidence in the process of transportation, storage and use by the consumer. If you want to test this trust, you can request a sample from the company.

Prices of Cosmetic Packaging
Serdar Plastic cosmetic packaging prices are budget-friendly. Thanks to wholesale sales, it is possible for you to shop affordably. Pallet quantity of Serdar Plastic shampoo bottles is 1696. 20 DC containers are 15264 and 40 HC are 37312. The truck quantity of the same bottle is stated as 44096. For wholesale purchases, you can evaluate the prices according to these quantities. This way, you can calculate your budget and expenses. Moreover, thanks to budget-friendly prices, you can make room for your extra expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions
Some things about plastic cosmetic packaging can be confusing. One of these is its lifespan. There are claims that the use of plastic products may be harmful after a certain period of time.

What is the Lifespan of Cosmetic Product Packaging?
The lifespan of cosmetic plastic packaging may vary depending on different factors. Contents, materials and storage conditions of the packaging can be counted among these factors. Therefore, it is not possible to assign clear expiration date to the packaging of cosmetic products. However, Serdar Plastic shampoo bottle is long-lasting because of HDPE raw material. The main reasons for this are not interacting with quality raw materials and content.

Conditions of use also determine the lifespan of the packaging. Although HDPE is a very durable material, it should not be exposed to negative factors such as light, moisture and high temperature for a long time. It should be used cleanly and opened and closed correctly. Rough use of packaging can also shorten its life. Of course, it is best to take into account the shelf life determined by the manufacturer. However, it is even possible to sterilize and reuse Serdar Plastic's quality packaging.

If you do not want to reuse these products, you can easily recycle them. Because Serdar Plastic already uses 15% to 30% recycled materials. These materials are suitable for recycling. Therefore, the shampoo bottles in question can be easily thrown into the recycling bin after use. At Serdar Plastik, it is possible to upcycle not only cosmetics but also packaging designed for agricultural products. You can choose Serdar Plastic to be environmentally friendly and a partner in sustainability.