Recycling and Sustainability

Recycling and Sustainability

We as a large plastic manufacturing company (Serdar Plastik) not only make investments on machines  that are compatible with recycled raw materials, but also value to inform our colleagues regarding sustainability and work on such similar projects with our business partners.

Addtionally, we always include a remarkable spending for required investments for the use of new technology and related trainings of our team in our budget.

Use of Recycle 

Raw materials which are recyclable between the rate of 15% and 30% can be used to remain in the mezzanine by existing 3-layer machine park. In addition, the machinery investments we make are on the latest technology enable us to reach the regeneration technology to consume the braking energy through recovery in machine movements.

Production will start in October 2021 with a 20 lt, 3-layer recycle compatible machine for the first time in Turkey, and packages will be produced with less electricity, less water consumption and less carbon footprint.

 As can be seen in the attached images, the scrap layer stays in the middle laye



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