Agricultural Product Packaging Models
Serdar Plastic agricultural bottle packaging models are divided into two. These are bottles and canisters. Bottles are ideal for products used in smaller dosages. Canisters help you easily store agricultural products used in large quantities. You can store agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers and medicines in these bottles and canisters. You can store seeds, plant oils and liquids. You can also carry plant nutrients, extracts, hormones and growth regulators and special mixtures for agricultural applications in plastic bottles and canisters.

Fertilizer / Agrochemical Bottles
As pesticide packaging, bottles come to the user with different designs. These designs are divided into circular and rectangular. Circular bottles have capacity options of 50, 100, 200, 250, 400, 500 and 1000 ml. The 1 liter bottle has two different alternatives: standard and wide mouth.

The rectangular fertilizer bottle has three different capacity options: 250, 500 and 1000 ml. Additionally, the 1 liter rectangular bottle is available in two different design alternatives. Rectangular bottles have a thinner structure, unlike round ones. You can choose between round or corner bottles depending on your usage habits and storage space. You can also choose the capacity by taking the same factors into consideration and find the pesticide bottle that suits your needs.

Medicine Canisters
Serdar Plastic's pesticide container options are also quite diverse. The new type of pesticide canister has 4 and 10 liter capacity alternatives. All four of the new type, low, high and novice canisters are 5 liters. Differently, the high canister has a side handle. The chubby type medicine container is 20 liters as standard. You can choose among these canisters according to volume or design.

Among the plastic fertilizer canister types, stackable type designs attract attention. Stackable type of canisters are available in 5, 6, 10, 20 and 25 liter options. The 20 liter stackable type of canister  has long and short design options. These canisters attract attention with their white, grey, black and red colors. Stackable canisters, which stand out especially with their ease of sitting on the ground, filling and emptying, are frequently preferred in the agricultural sector.

Agricultural Product Packaging Features
Agricultural products are quite diverse. The packaging required for each product may be different. Therefore, the characteristics of agricultural product packaging also vary. However, if you want to get a general idea about the pesticide packaging products at Serdar Plastic, you can take a look at the list below.

Physical durability: Agricultural product packaging is resistant to external factors. It is not affected by any damage during transportation, storage and use. It is not easily deformed. Thus, it protects its quality and also the product inside.
Chemical resistance: The materials filled into agricultural product packaging are chemical and mostly active. It should not react with these products inside plastic packaging, which itself has chemical properties. Thanks to Serdar Plastic's selection of quality raw materials, such a risk is not observed in these products. You protect your own safety, your pesticides and your crops with packaging with high chemical resistance.
Protection: Chemical-containing materials must be protected from sunlight, moisture and heat. Serdar Plastic agricultural product packaging meets this need and prevents product contents from deteriorating.
Leakage: Leakage of agricultural products can lead to negative consequences. Serdar Plastic's packaging provides hygiene and safety thanks to its leak-proof feature. It also prevents material waste.
Portability: Portable agricultural product packaging provides ease of use. It offers comfort with its ergonomic design. These special designs are also advantageous for storage.
Diversity: Agricultural product packaging offered in different sizes, capacities and models meets every need. Thanks to the capacities suitable for the content, the product life is also preserved.
Sustainability: Serdar Plastic uses recyclable materials. It organizes its production activities according to the principle of sustainability. It is extremely important to work with environmental awareness, especially in a sector that feeds on nature, such as agriculture. You too can fulfill an important task by choosing Serdar Plastic.
It is possible to explain the features of pesticide packaging products in general with these items. These features must be present in all quality packaging. These features can be increased depending on the packaging type.

Agricultural Product Packaging Prices
Agricultural packaging prices vary depending on the model. Features of bottles and canisters such as capacity, design and production method are among the main factors affecting the price difference. However, although there may be variability, the prices of these products are budget-friendly. Because the figures in question are offered at wholesale prices. The sales quantity of all models in the Serdar Plastic agricultural product packaging category is stated in the catalogue. You can see the pallet, 20 DC and 40 HC container and truck quantities of the products. You can plan your budget by calculating the prices based on these amounts. If you wish, you can also request samples of the products you want before ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions
It is possible to experience some confusion regarding pesticide packaging. In particular, the answer to the question of which products these packages are suitable for is wondered. It is possible to use Serdar Plastic pesticide packaging to preserve many agricultural products. Because both bottles and canisters are made of materials suitable for agricultural use.

What are the Usage Areas of Agricultural Product Packaging?
It is possible to use agricultural packaging in many different areas. These packages, which you will use in the agricultural context, are suitable for contact with both foodstuffs and chemicals. The main areas where you can use agricultural product packaging are:

Harvest and storage
Chemicals and drugs
Fertilizer and natural materials
Animal products
plant protection products
medicinal plants
You can use agricultural packaging in many other areas. In addition to agriculture, you can also meet your packaging needs in the different sectors you operate in from Serdar Plastic. You can review product catalogs for cosmetic product packaging and much more.