Plastic Bucket Features
Plastic buckets are products designed to carry different contents. Both fluid substances in liquid, oil or gel form and solid materials can be carried in these buckets. All solids, whether soft, hard, powdery, fine or large particles, are suitable for transportation in the bucket. Therefore, buckets are products with a wide range of uses. They are frequently preferred in different sectors and domestic use. For this reason, the properties of plastic buckets may vary depending on the usage sector and purpose. However, you can find the general features of Serdar Plastic's buckets in the list below.

Physical endurance: Buckets are a kind of storage containers. In addition to carrying the product inside, they are also responsible for protecting it. Serdar Plastic buckets are resistant to impacts and external factors. It is not easily deformed due to its physical durability.
Chemical resistance: Plastics are chemical-containing products. They should not transfer the chemicals they contain to the transported products. For this reason, high quality polypropylene raw material is preferred at Serdar Plastic. So the plastic bucket; It does not harm the product inside, human health and the environment. It does not cause any reaction. Therefore, even chemicals can be carried in these buckets with peace of mind.
Leak-proof: One of the most important features of Serdar Plastic buckets is that they are leak-proof. This feature is especially advantageous when transporting liquid and powder products. It provides both hygiene and safety.
Lightness: In order to complete the transportation process with a high level of comfort, the tare of the bucket must be low. Thus, you only feel the weight of the material during transportation. This lightness provides an advantage not only during human handling or transportation, but also during storage.
Diversity: Serdar Plastic buckets have sizes suitable for different needs. It allows you to find the ideal product thanks to the different options it offers.
Sustainability: Serdar Plastic works with the principle of recycling and sustainability. It uses 15 to 30% recycled raw materials in the manufacturing of its products. It also strives to keep the consumption of natural resources to a minimum in other stages of production. Therefore, it is possible to say that these buckets are good for the environment.
The general features of plastic bucket products are as listed in the list above. These features can be increased depending on the product type. With all these features, it is possible to say that Serdar Plastic buckets offer quality, not just a product.

Plastic Bucket Types According to Kilogram
Plastic bucket types are divided according to their capacities. Serdar Plastic bucket group has two different volume alternatives to suit every need. However, many features of both product types are the same, except their capacities. These buckets, which have a common design, have a wide mouth that offers ease of use. The dimensions of the mouth diameter of the buckets are quite close to the bottom. Thus, the product content does not accumulate at the bottom. This feature is especially advantageous for the end consumer.

Both buckets with different capacities have an ergonomic carrying handle. These handles have a design that is easy to grasp and does not tire the palms and fingers. At the same time, it can easily lift the weight of the product in the bucket. In this way, it provides a safe and comfortable transportation experience. If you wish, you can also get help from the protruding rims of the bucket during transportation. These buckets stand out with their white color and look clean and new. It is suitable for all kinds of product contents and label dressing.

9KG Bucket
The 9 kg bucket is suitable for both home and professional use. You can carry powder or liquid cleaning materials, whitewash and paints, dry foods such as grain products and spices, and construction materials in this bucket. You can carry garden products such as soil, fertilizer and agricultural chemicals, industrial materials and many other contents in a 9 kg bucket.

The width of the Serdar Plastic 9 kg bucket is 223 mm.Length is 235 mm. The product also has its own cover. Bucket with plastic lid is PP production. In other words, the raw material of the product is polypropylene. The bucket has both chemical and physical resistance thanks to its main material; It is lightweight, leak-proof and flexible. It is also suitable for recycling.

18KG Bucket
The 18 kg bucket has twice the volume of the other model in the range. Accordingly, product dimensions are folded at the same rate. This bucket is suitable for transporting large amounts of materials. Industrial chemicals, acids and oils can be transported in this bucket. Petroleum products, reagents and powders are also suitable for storage in an 18 kg plastic bucket. Animal products such as feed and sand can also be transported with this bucket. You can choose Serdar Plastic 18 kg bucket in many sectors such as construction, food, agriculture and gardening.

Plastic Bucket Prices
Plastic bucket prices vary depending on its capacity. There is a price difference between 9 and 18 kg plastic buckets. However, since the prices of both products are determined by wholesale, they are budget-friendly. The number of pallets of a 9 kg bucket is 1116. The quantity of 20 DC containers is 10044 and the quantity of 40 HC is 24552. The number of trucks for this product is 29016. The quantity list of 18 kg buckets is 220 on a pallet, 1980 on a 20 DC container, 4840 on a 40 HC container and 5720 on a truck. It is possible to evaluate wholesale plastic bucket prices based on these quantities. You can have an affordable shopping experience by purchasing the amount of buckets that suit your needs and budget from Serdar Plastic. If you wish, you can request samples before ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions
Users may have questions about buckets made of plastic raw materials. One of these question marks is related to the environmental conditions in which the plastic bucket is transported or stored. Because it is a known fact that plastics cannot maintain their form at certain temperatures. Serdar Plastic removes these question marks by producing durable buckets suitable for transportation vehicles, warehouses and home use.

Under What Types of Temperature Conditions Can Plastic Buckets Be Used?
The temperature conditions in which each plastic can be used are different. Serdar Plastic buckets are made of polypropylene material. Among the commonly used plastics, the material that can withstand the highest temperature is polypropylene. The average usage range of this material is -10 to 120 degrees Celsius. Thus, it is possible to use your bucket in almost all conditions. For other stages of the manufacturing process, you can take a look at Serdar Plastic covers and other product groups.