Wholesale Plastic Cover Models
The cover is one of the factors that determine the packaging quality. The product content should not spill or leak, but should be easily transferred out during use. For all these, quality packaging alone is not enough. It is important that the cover is also efficient.

At Serdar Plastic, suitable lids are produced for many packages. For example, the fliptop cap is mostly suitable for semi-fluid materials in tubes and bottles. Therefore, it can be preferred as a cosmetic cover model. Shampoo cap is also among the cosmetic options. The ketchup cap has a click design. It is also possible to use these products for different sauce bottles. Products designed as mouthpieces and top cap for sauces can also be preferred.

Agro caps can be used in the packaging of many product groups, especially cleaning, food and chemicals. The plastic bottle cap is ideal for water and other classic soft drinks. You can also find the jar lid among these products. The plastic barrel cover, which has flat and circled options, is suitable for use with industrial materials. You can also find different scale models and canister nozzle among the lids.

Cap Withlock
Bottle cap withlock is designed to prevent both the leakage of the product inside and child access. Therefore, these caps are suitable for bottles carrying liquids that may pose a safety threat. Household chemicals and medications are among these liquids. Thanks to the plastic cap withlock, the bottle is prevented from being opened in undesirable situations.

Serdar Plastic offers five different types of cap withlock in different sizes and designs. Some of them have a childproof. Childproof cap attract attention with their blue and red options. It is also possible to see white color among other locked cover models.

Softener Cap
The most important feature of softener caps is the compartment that extends into the bottle. Thanks to this compartment, the lid is both leak-proof and offers dosage adjustment. Serdar Plastic has two different softener caps. The round softener cover, which attracts attention with its aesthetic design, is available in long and short versions. The same variety applies to plain fabric softener covers. In addition, these covers attract attention with their colorful appearance.

Wholesale Plastic Cap Prices
Wholesale plastic lid prices vary depending on the product. Serdar Plastik has dozens of covers with different sizes, colors, mechanisms and usage features. These products, offered at wholesale prices, are budget-friendly. It is possible to access the number of pallets, containers and trucks for each of the covers. You can create your budget by evaluating the prices based on these figures. Thanks to wholesale prices, you can allocate a budget for your extra items.

Wholesale Plastic Cap Features
Plastic caps can have many different features because they are used in a wide range of applications. These features vary depending on the product group in which they are used. However, the general features of Serdar Plastic caps are as follows:

Especially sustainability is one of the distinguishing features of Serdar Plastic caps. The company uses 15 to 30% recycled raw materials in its production and exhibits the same sensitivity at all stages of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions
There may be some questions, especially in the minds of end consumers, about plastic caps. One of these is about opening caps withlock. Caps withlock designed to prevent the bottle from being opened easily sometimes create difficulties for the consumer to use the product. In this case, the path to follow is quite simple.

How to Open the Cap Withlock Easily?
You usually need to press the locked covers from above and tighten them from the edges. When the cover is in this position, the lock mechanism is disabled. If you turn it without changing this position, you will open the lid. However, if you loosen your hand and change the position before turning, the lock will be activated again. Thanks to the visual explanation on Serdar Plastic caps, this process is extremely easy for your consumers. It is possible to take a look at Serdar Plastic covers and bucket groups for the products you offer to the market.