Wholesale Plastic Cleaning Packaging Models
Cleaning products are chemical ingredients. Packaging of chemical materials, which are often harmful in direct contact with the human body and can rapidly interact with other substances, is extremely important. Packaging and cleaning materials protect these products, make them easier to transport, and provide hygiene and safety. You may also store your cleaning materials with wholesale plastic bottles and canisters. You can choose cleaning packaging materials suitable for your product from different capacities and models.

Plastic Bottles
Plastic bottles are cleaning packaging materials used to preserve liquid products. It has capacity options ranging from small volumes up to 4 liters. These bottles are available in different designs. Bottles that are circular, angular or have a carrying handle engage attention. Differences in usage are also reflected in the cap characteristics of the bottles.

Serdar Plastic has 28 mouth disinfectants of 100 ml flat, 500 ml and 1 liter, 600 ml long and short salt spirit and 750 ml spray bottles. Curved neck bottles, which facilitate direct application, are available in three different capacity options. Different design and volume alternatives are also produced for carpet shampoo, descaler, bleach, softener, detergent and surface cleaner bottles. In these alternatives, not only the volume but also the design and color difference is observed.

Plastic Canister
Plastic canisters are cleaning packaging materials produced to carry liquids of 5 liters and above. Stackable canisters with duzzle can be used for chemicals whose leakage may cause danger, to facilitate storage. Novice canisters offer ease of transportation. Chubby bins are also a preferred option. You can find all these options at Serdar Plastic. You may choose from 5, 6, 10, 20 and 25 liter canisters. You may also consider white, blue, grey, red and black color alternatives. 

You can also find bottles and canisters for lubricant at Serdar Plastic. The capacities of these bottles and canisters start from 500 ml and extend up to 25 liters. Double-handled canisters offer ease of transportation. Rectangular and thin options are ideal to keep in the baggage of your car. The fact that many of these products are in metallic color makes it easier for you to distinguish the product inside.

Prices Of Wholesale Plastic Cleaning Packages
Prices of cleaning packaging materials vary depending on product features. Features such as capacity and design are among the factors that cause this variability. Plastic canister prices shows up product performance. Plastic bottle prices won't strain your budget either. You can contact Serdar Plastic in order to get the information about wholesale plastic container prices. If you would like to test the products before placing a wholesale order, you can request samples.

Wholesale Plastic Cleaning Packaging Features
Wholesale packaging products have features that uses for different needs. These properties may vary depending on the cleaning product they contain. However, you can take a look at the list below to get information about the features of cleaning packaging in general.

Chemical compatibility
Ease of transportation
Labeling and information
Thanks to all these features, cleaning material packaging extends the shelf life of the products. It protects cleaning materials from external factors such as air, light and moisture that may cause them to deteriorate. It provides safety by preventing the cleaning material from coming into contact with other surfaces and living things. Because of the appropriate raw material, it prevents the cleaning material from entering into a chemical reaction.

Plastic packaging helps to transport the materials with its lightness and design features. These packages, which also offer ease of storage, provide dosage control. Thus, cleaning materials can be divided into different quantities according to need. It creates space for affixing labels that inform the consumer by stating the packaging content. Moreover, Serdar Plastic's bottles and canisters protect nature by being produced with environmentally friendly and sustainable policies.

Plastic Cleaning Packaging Per Liter
Cleaning materials packaging has different capacities. The volume of these packages is measured in liters. Serdar Plastic has bottle and canister capacities ranging from 500 ml to 25 liters. Low capacity packages can be preferred for products that need to be consumed quickly once opened or used in very small quantities. For long-term individual use, packages with a volume of 1-10 liters are suitable. Your choice may vary depending on the type of material. For products that will be used for storage purposes or in large quantities, you can consider options that offer volumes of 10 liters and above.

Frequently Asked Questions 
There are some questions to be answered about cleaning materials packaging. For example, you may ask what type of cleaning materials these packages are produced for. Cleaning material packaging produced in Serdar Plastic is suitable for liquid products. It is also a matter of curiosity how the sealing of the packages is ensured. Cleaning packaging becomes leak-proof thanks to the use of quality plastic and careful production. The design of the cap and it's correct compression also support this feature.

Another question concerns the impact of plastic use on nature. Between 15% and 30% of the raw materials used by Serdar Plastic are recyclable. Moreover, thanks to low-weight packaging production, the consumption of these raw materials is balanced. The machines used in factories save electricity and water while also reducing the carbon footprint. Natural gas or fossil fuels are not used to heat these factories. Energy from production machines is used. Thus, it protects nature, producers and consumers.

What Material Are Plastic Cleaning Products Made From?
It is seen that different materials are used in the production of plastic cleaning products. Polyethylene and polypropylene are used in Serdar Plastic. Polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer. It is obtained by polymerization of ethylene monomers. The low density variety is flexible and soft. The high density version is hard and durable. It does not react with most chemicals. Moreover, it is an insulator. Since its toxicity rate is very low, it can be easily used even for the packaging of medical materials. It is a material that is easily processed, recyclable, lightweight and resistant. Since it is not hygroscopic, it can be used in the packaging of water-resistant materials.

Polypropylene is also a thermoplastic. It is perfectly compatible with many chemicals. It has high resistance to both heat and impacts. It is similar to polyethylene in terms of electrical insulation, low toxicity, light weight and recyclability. Serdar Plastic provides you with the cleaning packaging materials you are looking for with its healthy, hygienic and efficient usage features.