Lubricant Packaging Models
Lubricant plastic packaging models vary depending on the intended use. At Serdar Plastic, it is possible to find a packaging model suitable for every need and content. These models, which stand out with their different capacity and design options, are safe and functional. It gives the high quality that your products deserve. It provides satisfaction during transportation, storage and use and even after.

Oil Canister
Oil canister models stand out with their capacity, design and extra functions. 3, 4, 5 and 7 liter oil canister have a common design. They are aesthetic and useful models with their ergonomic handles, angular details and ideal mouth features. It can be easily stored in the trunk or warehouse. Gray colors are suitable for the product content.

Another notable category among canister models is the rectangular type design. Rectangular type canisters, whose bases are designed to sit on the ground easily, also have an upward handle. The handles on the top provide ease of carrying, especially for high-capacity canisters.  Rectangular type canisters are available in 5, 6, 10, 20 and 25 liter volume alternatives. You can also choose between short and long sizes in the 20 liter model. The color options of these canisters are 5: red, grey, black, blue and white.

Nozzled canisters are also among the useful products in this category. Thanks to these canister, you can easily transfer the contents of the packaging. You save time and ensure hygiene and safety. Nozzled canisters are of two types: novice and rectangular type. Both options have top handles. Novice canister has a capacity of 5 liters. The rectangular type nozzled canister offers a volume of 10 liters. You can choose between these canisters, both of which are designed in blue, according to capacity.

Lubricant Bottles
There are different options among plastic mineral oil bottles. Even though it does not fall into the lubricant category, you can also find the packaging of screenwash bottle, another product used in automobiles, among these options. Rectangular hydrolic oil screenwash bottle has a capacity of 500 ml. With its dark blue color, it is suitable for almost all screenwash products. Thanks to its lightness and small size, it can be easily carried in the car.

Lubricant bottle has 1, 4, 5 and 7 liter options. There are two different design options for 1 liter lubricant bottles. Designed without handles, these bottles can be easily grasped by holding their bodies. 4, 5 and 7 liter bottles are designed with double handles, one on the side and one on the top. Thus, it is possible to carry it by holding it from the most comfortable area or by holding both handles. The color of all these oil bottles is metallic grey. With their light and dark gray colors, they have an appearance that is compatible with the product content and the label to be printed on it.

Features Of Lubricant Packaging
Mineral oil packaging must meet the production, transportation, storage, preservation and usage conditions with high quality. Because lubricants are materials that may pose a hygiene and safety risk to human health and the environment. Serdar Plastic has a production approach that minimizes these risks. In line with this understanding, the features of lubrican packaging are as follows:

Chemical resistance: Lubricant can be counted among aggressive chemical products. For this reason, packaging is produced from substances that do not react with oils.
Physical durability: Lubricant packaging can handle the density and weight of the product inside. It resists impacts that may come from outside. It is not easily deformed. Thus, it can be transported and stored safely.
UV resistance: These packages are also resistant to ultraviolet rays. Because exposure to sunlight for a long time can deteriorate the structure of lubricant. This feature is especially important for lubricating oils that will be carried in glass trunks.
Sealing: One of the safety features is sealing. Specially produced bottles and canisters protect both the external environment and the product by preventing lubricant oil from leaking through the packaging.
Portability and functionality: These features offer comfort for both the manufacturer and the end consumer.
Sustainability: It is very important that plastic packaging is environmentally friendly. It is also possible to find this feature in Serdar Plastic packaging, which is produced from a certain amount of recycled materials and does not harm the nature.
The main features of mineral oil packaging can be listed as follows. It is also possible to extend this list depending on the product type. You can offer a quality experience to your consumers with packaging with these features.

What Types Of Lubricant Can Be Stored In These Packages?
Plastic lube oil packaging is suitable for light contents. Less aggressive oils compared to their derivatives can be stored in these packages. The reason for this is that these oils have lower corrosion power and risk since they carry less chemicals. Engine, hydraulic, compressor, transmission and industrial oils can be listed among the low-risk materials that can be stored in plastic packaging. It is recommended that high-risk materials such as heavy industrial oils be stored in metal packaging instead of plastic.

Prices of Mineral Oil Packaging
Prices of lubricant packaging vary depending on capacity and model. However, since the figures are given at wholesale prices, they are budget-friendly. You can examine the pallet, container and truck quantities of the product depending on the quantity you need. You can create your budget by evaluating prices according to quantity.

Frequently Asked Questions
One of the frequently asked questions about lubricant packaging is material selection. Because packaging material is important to prevent the oils from reacting and to keep them safely. Serdar Plastic eliminates all question marks with its quality materials and production approach.

What Materials Are Lubricant Packaging Made From?

At Serdar Plastic, lubricant packaging is produced from two different materials. These materials are referred to as PE and HDPE. PE, that is, polyethylene, is mostly used in rectangular type canisters. Most of the bottles are produced from HDPE, that is, high density polyethylene. Both materials have safe raw materials that are flexible, resistant, not affected by water and moisture, and do not react chemically. At Serdar Plastic, you can also find the same safety and quality in cleaning product packaging. You can trust Serdar Plastik for the different sectors you serve.